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You should avoid neglecting the maintenance schedule of your vehicle since it can increase the chances of mechanical failure and will eventually cost you some money. The following services are often overlooked, so be sure to consider them the next time you want to change your oil.

Wheel Alignment

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Wheel alignment is so important since it does not only affect how your car functions, but it can also affect your suspension components and the life span of your tires. There are a lot of factors that can affect the alignment of your wheel such as potholes and component wear.

The alignment can also be influenced when you hit a curb. Once the alignment is out, your vehicle could pull on one side or the other. Or perhaps the steering could get suddenly erratic with just a slight move on your wheel, as a result, driving can be risky.

Additionally, a little misalignment could result in early and uneven tire wear. To guarantee that your wheels are pointing in the right direction, you should get a yearly wheel alignment.

Power Steering Service

Most probably, regular car maintenance services are not one of your main priorities, especially if you are having a busy life. Except of course, if there is a big issue. If not, then you do not care about your car’s maintenance schedule.

However, if you keep on neglecting your schedule, then there are greater chances that mechanical failure could happen. Over time, this could cost you time and money. Just what the saying says, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Keep in mind that power steering is one of those things that does not come up too often, unless it’s already too late. In the long run, the fluid that runs in your power steering system could get mixed with moisture and dirt, which can clog the steering components and could cause failure. To ensure that it is properly working, you should regularly flush the system and use a power steering fluid additive.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Checking your cabin air filter is important, especially if you can smell something bad once you turn on the AC. Also, if the air that comes out of your vents does not move efficiently. You might not even be aware that it exists, but this air filter can help in preventing debris, dirt, and unpleasant smell from getting inside your car as you are driving.

You must consider that one side of the filter is facing toward the outside environment, which is why it can easily get wet. Due to extreme moisture, mold and mildew could develop which can cause a bad smell inside your vehicle. On most vehicles, changing the cabin air filter can be done by yourself.

All you must do is check the manual of your vehicle so you will know where this is located and buy a new filter from an auto parts store. It would be great if your car could smell nice as you are driving it.

Differential Service

The differential is responsible for transmitting input from the transmission toward the wheels. Sometimes this is incorporated into the transmission, specifically for most front-wheel-drive vehicles. But for some, they come as separate units.

A rear differential is integrated into rear-wheel-drive vehicles. The rear differential and axles can be found in the rear-end housing. In the long term, the gear oil tends to break down and as a result, it will lose its viscosity and becomes ineffective in lubricating the wheel bearings and the differential.

Aside from the differential, it is advisable that the transfer case should also be serviced. Most often, manufacturers will provide their clients with a maintenance schedule for the transfer of case fluids and the differential.

Replacement of the Timing Belt

Timing belts are not found in every vehicle. This is not the same as the accessory drive belt, which is used for the water pump, alternator, AC compressor, and any other engine accessories. The timing belt is responsible for connecting the crankshaft to the camshaft(s).

Although external belts are often used in some engines, there are others that use internal belts. They can be accessed in different ways and are essential for the engine to function effectively.

If you have an “interference” engine, then most probably this is caused by a broken or slipping timing belt. Aside from preventing the engine from running, it could also destroy the internal parts of the engine caused by the collision of the valves and pistons.

The timing belt has its own maintenance schedule set by the manufacturer, so you should verify your owner’s manual. Keep on watching your odometer, once it reaches 100,000 kilometers, then it’s time that you should get your timing belt checked.

Air-Conditioning Service

Usually, extreme coldness and blistering heat can likely cause your AC system to break down. The oils in the AC compressor will lubricate the seals and moving components. Since the AC is very useful during warm weather, the oils could get dry in those important areas.

That is why it is advisable that you should turn on the AC for at least 15 minutes every month. This can help in circulating the oil to keep the moving components and seals functioning well. In addition, having a yearly car maintenance service can replenish those drained oils, at the same time, get the system checked for appropriate refrigerant levels and leaks.

Transmission Service

Your transmission fluid should be checked before you’ve reached 100,000 kilometers, or else you could experience a major disaster. Your manufacturer has probably given you some guidelines on fluid changing and transmission filters. So, make sure that you follow them and when performing an oil change don’t forget to always check the fluid level.

An indication that you have an overheated transmission is dark-colored or burnt fluid. If you ignore transmission service and you keep on using your vehicle, then it could result in internal damage.

Brake Service

Do you know that brake fluid is hygroscopic? In other words, it is capable of absorbing water from the air. Although the hydraulic system is completely sealed, the reservoir isn’t. This means that it could get water from the air and bring this into the system.

In the long run, this could corrode the internal parts of your brakes’ hydraulic system. However, there is a way of testing your brake, just use a dip strip which you can find in your local auto parts store. In case the color of your fluid is dirty dark brown, then most likely, it is time that you must flush them out and replace them with new fluid.

Fuel System Cleaning

Each time that the engine is running, some dirt, sludge, and carbon can penetrate your fuel system. The more this buildup develops, the less fuel could get through, resulting in inefficient fuel economy, absence of engine power, and reduced drivability.

However, you can revive the fuel economy of your engine and its excellent performance by cleaning the fuel system. Typically, this can be resolved by a twice-yearly fuel additive. Also, try to avoid using dirty fuel, only use top-quality gasoline.

Performing these important auto services can allow you to extend the number of kilometers on your vehicle. Treasure Valley Auto Care in Garden City, ID offers different types of auto services. If you want to schedule an appointment, then you can call us at 208-385-0339 or send us an email at