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Owning a car has a lot of perks. Conveniently getting to your destinations is one. Customizing it according to your preferences can be a great delight. An essential responsibility of a vehicle owner is dealing with its troubles and issues. 

If not, these can make your travels unsafe for you and your passengers. You can learn to do minor repairs on your own. More complicated ones require a mechanic’s opinion and help. Whatever you do, always keep your car in tip-top shape for a smooth and hassle-free ride.

What are the most common vehicular issues?

Broken Head or Tail Lights

A broken tail or headlight is one of the most common problems you may have encountered. The issue can root in a burned-out bulb, faulty wiring, or water damage. A damaged light can put you and others in a dangerous situation on the road. It may even give you a ticket. 

You can easily see if your headlights are working. Make it a point to check these regularly to ensure your road safety and avoid getting a ticket. It would help if you had someone look at the back when you brake for the taillights.

Warning Lights That Aren’t Working

Warning lights are located on your car’s dashboard. These include the check engine, airbag, brake, and others. If parts of your vehicle or motor are not working correctly, these warning lights will tell you to have a look. Sometimes, it is the warning lights themselves that aren’t working correctly. They need to be reset if you suspect they aren’t working properly.

Loose fuel caps can be why the “check engine” in your dashboard lights up. It will cost your gas mileage to go down if you don’t get it fixed. Whether it’s the car part they indicate or the warning lights themselves, seek a professional who can fix them. 

Faulty Electrical System

Similar to your car’s batteries and other electrical components, lights and fuses typically need replacement periodically. These repairs can usually be done at home if you have gotten your hand at handling suitable fuses and light bulbs.

Poor Fuel Economy

Especially with today’s sky-rocket fuel prices, you would want to look at your car’s fuel economy. Your car’s engine is the heart of your vehicle. A bad one is imminent if you don’t keep up with regular car maintenance.  Replacing your air filter and getting oil changes are some of them. Ensure to have it checked regularly. A good fuel economy will make you spend less at the gas station each time you need to fill up.

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Flat Tires

Good and adequately inflated tires also contribute to fuel efficiency. They also give you good driving and speed control. If you suspect your tires to have a leak, get them checked, have them patched, or replace them if they’re too worn.

Having flat tires is often unpredictable. This can lead to a significant accident. You should own a spare tire and know how to replace a flat tire on your own if it happens. Ensure that you have properly-maintained tires than risk a blowout on the road.

Have an auto mechanic check to ensure your tires are good to address the problem before it starts.

Dead Battery

Probably the most common car problem is a dead battery. You usually find your car with a dead battery if you accidentally leave your headlights on after parking your vehicle. Cold weather can also sometimes cause a dead battery. 

Repairing a dead battery with jumper cables and another car’s battery is simple. If the battery is new and effective, it should turn back on after jumping. On the other hand, if it does not, you may need to have it replaced. 

The battery is part of a car’s ignition system, together with the starter, and the ignition itself. If your car won’t start or stops in the middle of the road, one of these isn’t working. Have an expert run a diagnostic to identify the problem.

Failure to Start

Spark plugs are another small part that can cause huge problems. They ignite the fuel in your engine to help it start. The plugs are cheap and easily replaceable if you know how. It is crucial to install them correctly; otherwise, they can cause damage to your car. Call a mechanic to take care of it.

Bad brakes

Faulty brakes comprise almost a quarter of road accidents.  Undoubtedly, it is one of the essential parts of your vehicle that can be overused and damaged from time to time. The damage’s severity ranges. Repair may mean getting new brake pads, replacing the entire brake lines, etc. Go to the car care center if you hear your brakes squeaking or if you feel a delayed stop.

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Broken AC or Heater

AC and heater are essential to keep yourself and your passengers comfortable in your car. This is especially true in the summer and winter months. An issue in the compressor, coolant line, core, and controls may pose a problem and render your car undrivable.


Overheating can root form a leak in the cooling system and other radiator problems. It can seriously affect your car’s performance. Go to a mechanic who can inspect your engine to determine the source. With a few tweaks and parts replacements, he will be able to restore your vehicle’s temperature.

Poor Emissions

As a nod to caring for the environment, many states require cars to get an emissions test to register a vehicle. To pass the test, you must get a few repairs and cleaning done to ensure your exhaust system is in good shape.

Cracked Windshield

A crack on the windshield can be costly to repair. Avoid this issue by changing out your wipers to prevent accidental whacking. Sometimes, weather conditions can also lead to a cracked windshield. You will need a technician to repair the damage.


Airbags are a crucial safety feature in your vehicle. Even if you don’t look forward to using it, you want to ensure they always work. The warning light in your dashboard will tell you if it’s working correctly or not. If the light indicates a problem, don’t take any chances. Get it checked and repaired soon.

Poor Alignment

If you notice swerving to a particular side while driving, your alignment is likely the culprit. To test, let the steering wheel go for a moment as you drive. If it stays in the middle, your car has a good alignment. If not, it means you need to have it checked and repaired.

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Rust can damage vital parts of your vehicle, such as your brakes and engine. Should it suffer from extensive rust, you need to address it, as it may threaten your overall safety. With regular car washes and cleaning, you can slow down rust formation in your car.

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